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How EZcirc Works


I designed the Ezcirc timer for the home owner who wants a simple, practical and reliable device to control their hot water circulation pump. One that runs when they need it and not when they don't! Many home owners like me are frustrated when we hear our tankless water heater fire up because a timer triggers the heater even when no one is using hot water. Hearing the ignition of a tankless water heater every 5 minutes while the timer is on when we don't need it drives me crazy! And even if it's a tank type water heater, the waste of energy is still a reality. You just don't notice it because instead of firing up every 5 minutes for maybe 30 to 60 seconds, a tank water heater of say 50 gallons will fire up around every 60+ minutes and run for 10+ minutes wasting precious energy.

Push buttons or RF activated timers were the best way to preserve energy. However the downsides are the limitations of access. Remote controllers get misplaced and can get out of range. Buttons are limited to just a few locations. Are they still worth using? Absolutely. However we have a more convenient way of activating a timer. And there are no wires to run in the attic space for a number of push buttons and no worries trying to find the remote. And the installation is easy. A typical installation takes about 20 minutes if you have a working circulation pump already installed.


There are 2 perimeters to choose from. Perimeter 1 starts the timer when you turn the hot water on. The 2nd perimeter starts the timer after you turn the hot water off. So either perimeter you use, you simply turn the hot tap on and off and the circulation pump starts and will run for a preset time set in the Ezcirc timer.

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